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Blueberries As Far As One Can See

I'm just coming back from making a trip to Cherryfield Maine.

It's my third trip there this year, and it's on a 10-and-a-half to 11-hour drive to this part of Maine where berries grow natively in the Barrens as they call them.

It's a very rocky and sandy area which is terrific habitat for blueberries, although they are cultivated, so that's an interesting distinction. They're managed and cared for by the blueberry growers.


I went up there to film the crop of blueberries that came in. I was up twice for the pollination and the deployment of beehives by Dave Hackenberg and Bob Harvey out into the blueberries because they need extensive pollination.

I wanted to come back and film the actual blueberries on the ground. It is just a stunning density of blueberries here – a bush variety that is very low to the ground.

The blueberries are just so thick on the plants that it just turns the ground kind of blue, purple reddish color as you look off into the distance in the midst of the green of the of the leaves that are still visible.

So it's it's a beautiful – very much like a chalk drawing when you look at it from above or from a distance. It's just a spectacular part of the world up here. It's something that it's dependent upon honeybees to pollinate.

It's a very interesting crop of most of us encounter weekly and just takes for granted and so it's it's interesting to see these wonderful plants and blueberries come to fruit.

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