The Pollinators

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Mind Bog-gling!

The cranberry harvest was just mind blowing to see.  I had filmed cranberry bogs when they were in flower and covered in bees earlier in the year. I thought at the time that the tiny flower was so lovely and delicate, subtle in shape and color, a very pale pink rimmed with cranberry red, like a miniature lily.  The bogs were covered in flowers since cranberries grow so close together, but I was amazed at the amount of berries that came off of just one bog.  The special harvester drives around the flooded bog in slow concentric circles, jostling the cranberries off the plant which float to the surface of the bog once they have been detached.  It was a stunning volume and beautiful display of colors. The cranberries are corralled down to one end of the bog to be gently transferred to a waiting dump truck and sent off to be sorted and packed.  Since each flower has to be visited multiple times by a bee, It puts the number of bees needed for this pollination into perspective. 

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